Nick Runge | 06/25/2017

Watercolor Painting from Photograph

Exploring Watercolor Portraiture.

Instructor: Nick Runge

Re-located to the Los Angeles art scene, Nick Runge is a fine art painter with a

focus on figurative watercolor painting.

The Workshop Will Include:

I. Painting from Photo Reference (Portrait) - 2 hours

In the first half of the demo, Nick will demonstrate the choices he makes, intuition that he works with, and chances taken while painting a portrait from a live model using watercolors.

Lunch Break – 30 minutes

II. Painting from Photo (Composition) - 2 hours

In the second half of the demo, Nick will begin by painting and explaining how he analyzes a photograph and how it might be translated to painted information. Nick will then check in on workshop guests while they paint portraits from their own individual photo-reference.

Materials To Bring:

  • A photo-reference.
  • A watercolor sketchbook or a few small sheets.
  • A watercolor set and associated materials.
  • If you need to cancel - Please contact us at least 3 days beforehand.

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